• Minakshi Sharma
  • Shyam Baboo Prasad



Development of quality standards of Guazuma tomentosa leaf


Pharmacognostic and physicochemical evaluation of leaf of Guazuma tomentosa is carried out to establish its macroscopic and microscopic characters and its quantitative physicochemical standards. Total ash, water soluble ash, acid insoluble ash, swelling index, extractive value (ethyl acetate, dichloromethne, alcohol and water soluble extractive value both hot and cold) were determined for physicochemical evaluations. Preliminary phytochemical screening was done to detect the presence and absence of phytoconstituents. Thin layer chromatography was carried out which play important role in assuring quality of crude drug. Catechin content of leaf was determined using HPLC.  


The drug can be identified on the basis of morphology and microscopic characters. Phytochemical screening revealed that leaf extract contain alkaloids, carbohydrate, phytosterol, resin, flavanoids, tannins, diterpenes and protein. TLC chromatogram and different phsicochemical standard has been deleloped.


The present study on pharmacognostic standardisation, physicochemical evaluation of Guazuma tomentosa leaf might be useful to supplement information in regard to its identification parameters assumed significantly in the way of acceptibility of herbal drugs in present scenario.

Key words

Guazuma tomentosa, Standardisation, Microscopy, TLC, Pundraaksha


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