Enhance Your Research Horizon by Our Blog


Enhance Your Research Horizon by Our Blog

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Dear Colleague,


Happy to extend the opportunity to enhance your research horizon via publication of your earlier published research work (in any journal/media etc.)/current topics of your interest etc., through the innovative platform of the Innovare Academic Sciences blog. The blog will publish your outcome/post as informational scientific content to render the importance of your work without much effort and any financial obligation (Total Free).


Follow the following simple steps to submit:


  1. Make a Summary/News (about 300-600 words) of your recent publication/current topics of interest, etc.
  2. How to write it? You can see it on our blog https://innovareacademics.in/blog/ . Simply, give the text with suitable headings/subheadings and images for your post; then, we will make the final setup.
  3. Send it by email to editor@ijppsjournal.com and your photograph with a short biography.
  4. Our team will review and publish it on the blog and inform you.


To find out about our publications and to publish, visit our website http://innovareacademics.in/




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