Screening of mobile phones foor the presence of microbes of oral origin


  • KARTHIGA KS saveetha dental college



Aim :

The objectives of this study are to determine the level of bacterial contamination of the mobile phones of dental personnel involved in direct patient care.



Mobile phones are a valuable feature of communication within hospitals, and since they are frequently handled by healthcare personnel, while providing treatment for the patients, there may be a potential for contamination with various pathogens. The objective of this study was to determine the contamination of mobile phones (hospital issued and personal) carried by dental personnel.



Transmission of microbes may happen by two ways - direct contact or indirect contact. Mobile phones come in close contact with the body and serve as a ready surface for colonisation. This may cause infections in the individual as well as there might be cross-infection. The saliva also serves as the index to the microbes present in the body.



Mobile phones have become a basic need for everyday living. The mobile phones not only come into contact with the facial skin but also get contaminated by saliva and the touchscreen are handled multiple times a day which gives way for contamination of microbes from the hand. The health care professionals use their mobile phones during treatment of patients. This leads to contamination of mobile phones by the patient saliva and blood. This may pose as a severe threat for spread of infectious pathogens in the hospital environment.



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