• Navin Patil Assistant Professor, Department of pharmacology, KMC Manipal, manipal university
  • Balaji O Postgraduate, Department of Pharmacology, KMC Manipal, Manipal University
  • Karthik Rao N Assistant Professor, Department of medicine, KMC Manipal, Manipal University
  • H Manjunath Hande Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, KMC mANIPAL, manipal university
  • Talha Ahmed Undergraduate student, KMC Manipal, manipal University
  • Sarthak singhal Undergraduate student, KMC Manipal, manipal University




Melioidosis is a fatal disease, most prevalent in South-East Asia, Northern Australia, and the Indian subcontinent is caused by Gram-negative saprophyte Burkholderia pseudomallei. Septic arthritis due to melioidosis is very rare and should be a differential diagnosis in patient presenting with septic arthritis in endemic areas. It results in severe morbidity. Hence, we report a case of septic arthritis of left knee and hip in a young patient who later developed pleural effusion caused by B. pseudomallei.

Keywords: Septic arthritis, Pleural effusion, Vietnamese bomb.



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Patil, N., B. O, K. R. N, H. M. Hande, T. Ahmed, and S. singhal. “A RARE CAUSE OF SEPTIC ARTHRITIS WITH PLEURAL EFFUSION: BURKHOLDERIA PSEUDOMALLEI”. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, vol. 10, no. 1, Jan. 2017, pp. 8-9, doi:10.22159/ajpcr.2017.v10i1.15548.



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