• Nadezhda Vladimirovna Bogolyubova Ernst All-Russia Research Institute for Animal Husbandry, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution
  • Vasily Pavlovich Korotky Science and Technology Center Khiminvest” Ltd.
  • Alexander Sergeyevich Zenkin Mordovia Ogarev State University
  • Viktor Nikolaevich Romanov Ernst All-Russia Research Institute for Animal Husbandry, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution
  • Viktor Anatolyevich Ryzhov Science and Technology Center Khiminvest” Ltd.



Highly productive cows, Pine energy supplement, Milk yield, Milk quality, Hematological and biochemical status, Resistance



 Objective: This study was aimed at assessing efficiency of the original coniferous energy supplement in the diet of cows at the end of the dry period - beginning of lactation - for improving the energy density of diets, enriching them with vitamins and major and minor nutrient elements, improving milk productivity, and maintaining productive health.

Methods: The scientific-production experiment was performed on the basis of the Lukoshkino†unit of the Klenovo-Chegodaevo†research farm (Moscow) on twenty cows. The preparation was fed at the rate of 150 g for 20 days before calving and for 30 days after calving.

Results: Studies have found the positive effect of the preparation on the average daily milk yield, natural fat content increased by 5.4%-6.9% (with butterfat percentage increased by 0.09%), and reduced cost of feed per unit of obtained product.

Conclusion: The use of the preparation promoted enzymatic processes in the rumen, had positive effect on the carbohydrate-lipid and protein metabolism, and had no negative effect on the non-specific resistance of cows.


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