• Vijayalakshmi A Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Herbal shampoo, Eclipta prostrata, Sapindus indica, Evaluation of shampoo


Aim and Objective: The aim of this present study is to prepare and formulate an herbal shampoo and to assess its physiochemical function that emphasis on safety, efficacy, eliminating harmful synthetic ingredient, and substitute with safe natural ingredients.

Methods: The formulation of shampoo using the extracts of Emblica officinalis, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Acacia concinna, Sapindus indica, Eclipta prostrata, Aloe barbadensis, and Cassia auriculata in different proportions. Evaluation of organoleptic, physicochemical, and performance tests in terms of visual assessment, wetting time test, pH, assurance of solid contents, surface tension, detergency, dirt dispersion, conditioning performance, foam volume, and stability was performed.

Results: The created cleanser was clear and good appealing. It demonstrated good froth stability, detergency, good cleansing, small bubble size, low surface strain, and execution of good conditioning.

Conclusion: The physicochemical evaluation of the formulated shampoo showed ideal results. However, to improve its quality, product

performance, and safety, further development was required.


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