Self-directed Learning for Medical Students


  • VAISHALI JAIN Department of Biochemistry, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government Medical College, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, India.



“The integration of Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) into the medical curriculum in 2019 marked a significant shift in medical education in India. This approach emphasizes the acquisition of specific competencies deemed essential for medical practice, thereby necessitating innovative pedagogical strategies to foster comprehensive learning among medical students. One such pivotal component introduced within the updated curriculum is self-directed learning (SDL), recognized as a vital means to cultivate lifelong learning skills and adaptability in medical professionals. Against this backdrop, the book on "Self-directed Learning for Medical Students" authored by Dr. Kailash Charokar, MS, MBA(HA), PGDHA, CMCL-FAIMER Fellow, NMC ACME; Dr. Vishnu Pal, PhD (Med Anatomy), NMC ACME; Dr. Yuganti Vaidya, MD(Anatomy), NMC ACME; and Dr. Tukaram Prabhu K, Msc. Medical Microbiology emerges as a timely useful resource. The contributors are experienced faculty members of the institutional medical education unit with special interest in Self-directed learning in CMBE (SDL Study Circle Team). The team has experience and supports the implementation of longitudinal educational project study in the different phases of undergraduate CBME MBBS Curriculum in the subject disciplines.


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VAISHALI JAIN. “Self-Directed Learning for Medical Students”. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, vol. 17, no. 7, July 2024, pp. 1-2, doi:10.22159/ajpcr.2024v17i7.51065.



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