• SMITA KUMBHAR D. S. T. S. Mandal’s College of Pharmacy, Solapur 413004 Maharashtra, India
  • VINOD MATOLE D. S. T. S. Mandal’s College of Pharmacy, Solapur 413004 Maharashtra, India
  • YOGESH THORAT D. S. T. S. Mandal’s College of Pharmacy, Solapur 413004 Maharashtra, India
  • ANITA SHEGAONKAR D. S. T. S. Mandal’s College of Pharmacy, Solapur 413004 Maharashtra, India
  • AVINASH HOSMANI Government College of Pharmacy, Ratnagiri



Imatinib, Spectrophotometry, Alizarin, Method Development, Validation


Objective: A new, simple, sensitive, precise and reproducible UV visible spectrophotometric method was developed for the determination of Imatinib in pharmaceutical formulations with alizarin.

Methods: The method is based on formation of yellow-colored complex. The UV spectrum of Imatinib in methanol showed λ max at 431 nm. Beer’s law is valid in the concentration range of 10-70 μg/ml. This method was validated for linearity, accuracy, precision, ruggedness and robustness.

Results: The method has demonstrated excellent linearity over the range of 10-70 μg/ml with regression equation y =0.013x-0.017 and regression correlation coefficient r2= 0.997. Moreover, the method was found to be highly sensitive with LOD (4.3μg/ml) and LOQ (13.07μg/ml).

Conclusion: Based on results the proposed method can be successfully applied for the assay of Imatinib in various pharmaceutical dosage forms.


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