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Nanoparticles, Anti-hypertension, Hydrophobic drugs, Oral bioavailability, Nanocarriers


Among various routes of drug delivery, Oral administration is the most convenient route because of its high patient compliance. Although oral drug delivery is effective for drugs with high aqueous solubility and epithelial permeability; however for poorly aqueous soluble drug the membrane permeability, chemical, and enzymatic stability of drugs are the major limitations in successful oral drug delivery. Almost 70% of the new drug candidates which shows poor bioavailability, the antihypertensive drugs are among those. Novel drug delivery systems are available in many areas to overcome the problems associated with hydrophobic drugs and the nanotechnology-based drug delivery system is the most potential to beat the challenges related to the oral route of administration with some important advantages such as the colloidal size, biocompatibility, lowered dose size, reduced toxicity, patient compliance and drug targeting. The foremost common nanotechnology-based strategies utilized in the development of delivery systems are nano-emulsions, nano-suspensions, dendrimers, micelles, liposomes, solid lipid nanoparticles, polymeric nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, Self-Nano-emulsifying Drug Delivery System, proliposomes, nano-crystals, and so forth, which give controlled, sustained, and targeted drug delivery. The appliance of those systems within the treatment of hypertension continues to broaden. This review focuses on various nano-carriers available in oral drug administration for improving solubility profile, dissolution, and consequently bioavailability of hydrophobic antihypertensive drugs.


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