• Apoorva Gupta School of Studies in chemistry, Jiwaji University Gwalior 474011, India
  • A. K. Halve School of Studies in chemistry, Jiwaji University Gwalior 474011, India


Antibacterial screening, Azomethines, Disc diffusion, P aeruginosa, S aureus, B subtilis


Objective: The purpose of research was to synthesize the better antimicrobial compounds using different substituted aromatic aldehydes containing allyl and allyl oxy group are chosen as the starting material for synthesis of imines with sulphonamides helps to formation in presence of alcohol and acidic reagent.

Methods: Reagents used in the present study were of analytical grade and solvents were used after distillation. All the melting points of the synthesized compounds were determined by open capillary and are uncorrected. The purity of the compounds was checked using pre coated TLC plates (MERCK) using n-hexane: ethyl acetate (8:2) solvent system. The developed chromatographic plates were visualized under UV at 254 nm. IR spectra were recorded using KBr on Perkin Elmer spectrophotometer. 1HNMR spectra in DMSO on a BRUKER FT-NMR instrument using TMS as internal standard and chemical shift values were expressed in ppm. Elemental analysis (CHN) was performed on Carlo Erba 1108.

Results: A new series of azomethines was synthesized by condensation of different sulphonamide derivatives with substituted aromatic aldehydes containing allyl and allyloxy group. The structures of these products were confirmed by physical and spectral analysis. The compounds were assayed for antibacterial activity against different human pathogens such as E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, B. subtilis. All the compounds exhibited considerable inhibition against the bacteria tested.

Conclusion: Antibacterial activity observed for the synthesized azomethine compounds through the disc diffusion assay. The reference antibacterial drug was Streptomycin and Penicillin-G for E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus and B. subtilis. Synthesized imines show good biological activity and have the good yield.


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