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Studies on new fuel-saving technologies have been popular in recent years because of decreasing global crude oil supplies and growing environmental concerns. The price of crude oil, according to the Department of Energy (2007), is over 400% higher than ten years ago (Figure 1.1) and is likely to continue to surge in the future because of shrinking oil supplies. To reduce oil consumption by

ground vehicles, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) was enacted by the US Congress in 1975. The CAFE legislation is overseen by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which sets fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks (trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles) sold in the US and other countries fallow it's rule as suitable change . While the CAFE standards have remained relatively constant for the last twenty years, the discussion of increasing it is significant in the past fifteen years regarding shrinking oil supplies and increasing oil demands

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RAVINDRA YADAV, Rajiv Gandhi Techincal University

Student MTech(Thermal Engg)

Nishant Singh Verma, Rajiv Gandhi Techincal University

Student MTech(Thermal Engg)

Praveen Farkya, ITI and Rajiv Gandhi Technical University

Training Officer at ITI Ratlam(M.P)


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