• N.Prasanna Kumar


The true insights for long-term competitive advantage will be generated by deep observation of both new and established business wrestling with the challenges of online marketing and general business strategy. The internet marketing is just emerging and has yet to occupy a significant place. We do anticipate that this will change in the next couple of years. In the meantime, we believe that practice is ahead of theory and that we must mine the practice of Internet marketing for new ideas. The task of the internet marketer is to asses new market opportunities. Analysis of marketing opportunities should be informed by rich data on the competitors, customers, and industry. Internet marketing program is the specification of the marketing strategy. We identify two marketing strategy formulation pathways: one for pure-play online companies and one for the integrative play. An in-depth discussion of key elements of the marketing strategy, segmentation, and target market choice and positioning sets the stage for the design of the customer experience and actual marketing program.

Key words: internet marketing, place, promotion, price, product



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