Glycemic control in smokers and risk of type 2 diabetes


  • Niraj Khatri Sapkota Chitwan Medical College
  • Deepak Sharma
  • Prakash Kumar Yadav


Chronic cigarette smoking seems to markedly aggravate insulin resistance that could be due to the increase in counter-regulatory hormones such as GH, cortisol and catecholamine's that elevates blood glucose, Weight gain usually follows the cessation of smoking and increasingly, fear of weight gain discourages many smokers from attempting to quit Yet, weight gain after quitting smoking has proved so unresponsive  to preventive attempt  as to suggest that weight control  might even be incompatible with successful smoking cessation . Innovative treatments that can prevent or minimize weight gain are badly needed to encourage quitting smoking. However recently featured review and research on smoking and diabetes concluded the evidence that smoking is associated with the preparation for development of type 2 diabetes in men and women

 Therefore, this review focuses in the possible features of smoking cessation on the glycemic control and risk of type 2 diabetes.

key words: Hyperglycemia,Smokers, types 2 diabetes

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Niraj Khatri Sapkota, Chitwan Medical College


Assistant Professor



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