• Venkata Rathnamma
  • Nagaraju B


Pesticidal pollution constitutes the most dangerous health hazard apart from creating adverse effects on fish production .The aim of the present study was to determine the acute toxicity of chlorantraniliprole to the fresh water fish Grass carp (Ctenopharingodon idella), experimental fish were exposed to different concentrations of chlorantraniliprole. The 96h LC50 value of chlorantraniliprole on the fish was found to be 11.008mg/l. The variation in the LC values is due to its dependence upon various factors viz., sensitivity to the toxicant, its concentration and duration of exposure. Increase in opercular movement was initially observed but later decreased with increase of exposure period. They slowly became lethargic, restless, and secreted excess mucus all over the body. Intermittently some of the fish were hyper excited resulting in erratic movements. An excess secretion of mucous in fish forms a non-specific response against toxicants, thereby probably reducing toxicant contact. Further study needs the processes by which these chemicals affect physiology and pathological changes and of fish and their bio-concentration and bio- accumulation in fish tissues.


Key words: Health hazard, concentration, LC values, bioconcentration and physiology


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