• Tanay Pramanik Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Technology and Sciences, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, P.O.Box 144411, India
  • Simarjit Kaur Padan


Objective: The main objective of this work is to explore the utility of apple, pomegranate and grape juice as an eco-friendly reaction medium for microwave assisted green Biginelli reaction.

Methods: A series of Biginelli reactions were carried out in various fruit juice medium by employing an equimolar mixture of urea, ethyl acetoacetate and aromatic aldehyde as reactants. All the reactions were performed with the help of microwave irradiation. After successful completion of the reactions, the crude products were isolated, and the pure products were obtained after recrystallization of the crude product from hot ethanol.

Results: It was worth to note that all the reactions were completed successfully within few minutes of duration. Pure apple, pomegranate and grape juices were proved to be fruitful as eco-friendly reaction medium for performing microwave-assisted green Biginelli reaction.

Conclusion: A green, eco-friendly and cost-effective method was developed for microwave assisted green Biginelli reaction†in apple, pomegranate and grape juice medium. This new method will further motivate the researchers to use more of common fruit juices instead of toxic solvents as reaction medium for multi-component condensation reactions.

Keywords: Green synthesis, Fruit Juice, Biginelli reaction, Microwave


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