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Metribuzin, Vanillin, Antioxidants, Oxidative stress, Pesticides


Objective: Vanillin (Va), a phenolic substance is a natural antioxidant with proven free radical scavenging activity and offers protection against oxidative damage. This study was designed to investigate the ameliorative effect of Va against metribuzin (Mtz) pesticide-induced toxicity and oxidative stress in rats.

Methods: Thirty-two rats were equally divided into four groups: control, vanillin (Va), metribuzin (Mtz) and metribuzin plus vanillin (Mtz+Va). Metribuzin (133.33 mg/kg, 1/20 LD50) was given to rats through their drinking water. Vanillin was supplemented (150 mg/kg) intraperitoneally for three weeks. At the end of experiments, various haematological and biochemical parameters were estimated. Antioxidant defence systems as GPx enzyme activities, GSH and MDA contents were determined in tissues as the indicators of oxidative stress.

Results: Compared with the control, a significant decrease in the levels of red blood cells (p≤0.05), haemoglobin (p≤0.003) and hematocrit (p≤0.02) were noticed in the metribuzin-exposed group. The biochemical evaluation showed significantly higher values (p≤0.0001) for glucose, urea, creatinine and bilirubin. Also, Mtz treatment caused significant perturbations in lipids profile as plasma levels of total cholesterol (p≤0.0001) and triglycerides (p≤0.004). MDA levels increased in all the tissues of rats exposed to Mtz whereas the fluctuation in GPX enzyme activities and GSH levels were observed compared with controls. However, treatment with vanillin significantly normalised haematological profiles, serum biochemical profile and modulated all the oxidative stress parameters.

Conclusion: The use of vanillin appeared to be beneficial to rats, to a great extent in attenuating and restoring the damage sustained by metribuzin exposure.


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