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Diabetes mellitus (DM), Herbal medicines, Traditional systems, Herbs


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease which has clinched the world. More than 300 million people of the world are suffering from this disease and the number is still increasing at a rapid rate as modern medical science has no permanent solution for the disease. Current scenario of the nutraceuticals has increased patient's faith on the traditional medicinal system and world nutraceutical industry is estimated to reach $285.0 billion by 2021. The increasing trend of nutraceuticals in diabetes treatment makes it important to collect the traditional knowledge of medicines under one heading as it can help researchers to formulate new functional foods and nutraceuticals which can either lower down the risk or cure DM. In addition, the discussion of market available food products, their active components and possible health benefits can help the patients to understand the herbal medicines in a better way.


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