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Aminoglycosides antibiotics, Chromophore, Liquid chromatography


Aminoglycosides antibiotics are considered to be the antimicrobial agents used frequently in the treatment of human diseases caused by a bacterial infection. Most of the aminoglycosides antibiotics are highly polar in nature and they are lacking the UV absorbing chromophore in the molecules. The present articles accentuate the analytical method associated with the analysis of aminoglycosides molecules. Various chromatographic techniques like liquid chromatography, gas chromatography; mass spectrometry were used for the detection of aminoglycosides antibiotics. However, due to its limitation in the ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry (UV/Vis) technique, different types of detection techniques like corona-charged aerosol detector (CAD), electrochemical detector (ECD) were used as a most powerful and versatile technique for the demonstration of these molecules in the analytical field. Analytical methods help to ensure the quality of the drug products. This review paper is devoted to providing an overview of the key performance technique used for the application and detection of these aminoglycosides molecules.


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