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Bleeding time, Clotting time, Allumcepa, Haemostasis, Rats


Objective: The study investigated changes in haemostatic parameters such as; bleeding time, blood clotting time and differential platelet counts of wistar rats following repeated administration of aqueous extract of allum cepa L.

Methods: Rats were divided into four groups of four animals each (n=4). Group I served as normal control, Group II, group IIIand group IV were administered 25 mg/kg bw, 50 mg/kg bw and 100 mg/kg bw of the extract intra-peritoneally for two weeks, respectively. After 14 d experimental period, blood samples were collected for the determination of bleeding time, clotting time and differential platelet count.

Results: The findings of this study revealed a significantly increased (p<0.05) clotting time at a dose of 25 mg/kg but showed no significant change in bleeding time and differential platelet count of all the groups.

Conclusion: Aqueous extract of brown onion showed anti haemostatic effect in albino rats by increasing clotting time at a lower dose.


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