• MOHAMMAD NOOR ALAM Department of General Surgery, GIMS, Kalaburgi, Karnataka, India
  • VIJAYLAXMI DULANGE Department of General Surgery, GIMS, Kalaburgi, Karnataka, India
  • SADIA AFREEN S. ALAM Medical Oncology Resident, S. L. Raheja Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • PRAMOD Department of General Surgery, GIMS, Kalaburgi, Karnataka, India




Malignancy, Age and Sex, Solitary thyroid nodule


Objective: This study aims to identify the incidence of malignancy in solitary nodule thyroid in a tertiary care hospital in Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

Methods: This was a prospective non-randomized hospital-based interventional study carried out on 50 patients over a period of 1 y, who presented with clinically palpable solitary thyroid swellings and subsequently underwent surgery for the same at the Department of General surgery, Gulbarga Institute of Medical Sciences, Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

Results: Over the total duration of the study period, there were 50 cases of clinically detected solitary thyroid nodule with a high female preponderance. The mean age of the incidence of solitary thyroid nodule was 40.6 y. The incidence of malignancy in solitary thyroid nodule was found to be 18%.

Conclusion: It is concluded from the present study that 18% of solitary thyroid nodules are malignant, with female preponderance and a mean age of solitary thyroid nodule is 40.62 y.


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