• Nesy E A KKTM Govt. College, pullut Kodungallur
  • Lizzy Mathew K K T M Govt College


Cardiac glycosides, Densitogram, HPTLC, Peruvoside


Objective: Thevetia peruviana, an invasive plant with several cardioactive glycosides are grown in different localities of Kerala, India with three colour blooms. Present study was carried out to detect various cardiac glycosides in air dried samples; and soxhlet extracts of shade dried, powdered leaves of the three morphovariants, using spectrophotometry and chromatography.

Methods: Determination for total cardiac glycosides in dried samples were carried out at 495 nm, using Baljet's reagent. After preliminary screening on silica coated micro TLC glass plates using chloroform, methanol mobile phase (8:2), separation of various cardiac glycosides and quantification of ‘Peruvoside' (a valuable cardiotonic drug), was achieved using HPTLC, on silica gel 60F254 plates at 220 nm, for CH (chloroform) and EA (ethyl acetate) fractions.

Results: About 2.5-3.37 % of total cardiac glycosides were detected in powdered leaves. Among the successive extracts, both CH (9-11) and EA fractions (8-12) occupied different forms of cardiac glycosides, and a good amount of peruvoside was detected either in single or in two isomeric forms. The quantity of the drug varied in the order white (8.52 %)>orange (7.16)>yellow (4.97 %) among the three studied plant samples.

Conclusion: Peruvoside, a notable drug for congestive heart failure has been reported to have anticancerous properties apart from its cardiotonic efficacy. Hence, the leaves can be effectively utilized for the successful isolation of this potent drug and other glycosides, without endangering the existence of this taxon.



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