• Balaji Ramamoorthy Saveetha Dental College and Hospital India
  • Sheeja S Varghese Saveetha Dental College and Hospital
  • Asha Ramesh Saveetha Dental College and Hospital


ABO antigen, ABO blood group, Periodontal disease, Periodontitis


Objective: Numerous epidemiological studies have been carried out to assess the association of ABO blood typing and systemic diseases. However, the research is still at the infancy stage with regards to the dental field. Periodontitis, being one of the most prevalent diseases in the oral cavity can be supposed to be influenced by the blood grouping pattern among patients. The present cross-sectional study was carried out to asses the relationship between periodontal disease status and the ABO blood group.

Methods: In a retrospective study of 2014, patients who reported to Saveetha Dental College and Hospital and diagnosed with chronic periodontitis, both localized and generalized forms were included. Demographic data, diagnostic and the ABO blood grouping information were procured from the case records of 410 subjects and then analysed.

Results: Among the 410 individuals, 245 were diagnosed with localized chronic periodontitis whereas 165 subjects had suffered from generalized chronic periodontitis. A high fraction of the localized periodontitis population (20.97%) was of the blood group ‘B.' Similarly(12.92%) of the generalized periodontitis cases belonged to either ‘B' or ‘O' blood groups. The least affected blood group was ‘AB.'

Conclusion: This cross-sectional study shows a definite relation between blood typing and periodontal disease. Further studies are required in order to validate the usage of blood groups as risk predictors for periodontitis.



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