• Alok Bhardwaj School of Pharmacy, RK University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India
  • K. P. Modi School of Pharmacy, RK University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India


Nelumbo nucifera, Pharmacognostic, Phytochemical, Physicochemical, Standardization


Objective: To perform the Phytochemical screening & standardization of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.

Methods: The present study provides pharmacognostic, physicochemical and phytochemicals details of Parts of Nelumbo nucifera. Macro & Microscopic evaluation and world health organization (WHO) recommended parameters were followed in the study. Parts of Nelumbo nucifera were used for phytochemicals evaluation & standardization. Plant parts were collected from the bank of Yamuna and hinden river from National Capital region.

Results: The Physiochemical analysis of the different plant extracts showed Extractive Values [(%w/w) ±SEM] which were compared with standard & it was found as: Alcohol soluble Extractives: 6.347±0.053, Water soluble Extractive: 20.533±0.267, Chloroform soluble Extractives: 12.533±0.533, Petroleum Ether soluble Extractives: 5.867±0.133. Other standardization parameters were found to be as: Moisture content (%w/w): 6.967±0.441, Total Ash value (%w/w) ±SEM: 5.933±0.333, Acid insoluble ash value: 0.933±0.058, Water insoluble ash value (%w/w): 2.511±0.033. The results obtained from qualitative evaluation of HPTLC fingerprint were helpful in the identification and quality control of the drug. HPTLC analysis can provide standard fingerprints and can be used as a reference for the identification and quality control of the drug.

Conclusions: The results of this study can serve as valuable source of information for identification of this plant for future investigation and applications.



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