• Ranjit Prasad Swain Maharajah’s College of Pharmacy, Phool Bagh, Vizianagaram 535002, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • T. Ratna Kumari Maharajah’s College of Pharmacy, Phool Bagh, Vizianagaram
  • Satyajit Panda Maharajah’s College of Pharmacy, Phool Bagh, Vizianagaram


Ibuprofen, Eudragit, HPMC, Sustained release


Objective: An attempt was made to develop sustained release matrix tablets of ibuprofen using HPMC (K4M, K15M & K100M) and eudragit (RS 100 & RL 100) as release retardant polymers.

Methods: The ibuprofen matrix tablets were prepared by direct compression method using lactose as a diluent. Nineteen formulations of different polymer percentages were formulated, (F1-F19 with 7.5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% w/w).

Results: The formulations were optimized on the basis of acceptable weight variation, thickness, hardness, % friability, % drug content and in vitro drug release. The in vitro release studies were performed using USP type II apparatus using 7.2 pH phosphate buffer as a dissolution medium, showed that optimized formulation F8 consisting of eudragit RL with 20% of the polymer was found to sustain the release of ibuprofen over a period of 12 h. The formulation exhibited highest correlation (R) value in case of Hixson-Crowell model and the release kinetic study proved that the formulation showed erosion process, and shown to follow zero order kinetics.

Conclusion: It was concluded that eudragit RL can be used for the preparation of sustained release tablet of ibuprofen.



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