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Solid Dispersions, Patents, Antihyperlipidemic drugs


Hyperlipidemia is a worsening health condition in developed and developing countries, especially among the younger generation due to their lifestyle. The World Health Organization reported 2.6 million deaths globally due to hyperlipidemia. Therefore, there is a huge demand of antihyperlipidemic drugs in the pharmaceutical market. Approximately 60% of the total active drug content used in hyperlipidemia suffer from poor water solubility, particularly BCS class II drugs. Poor water solubility may result in insufficient absorption and finally affects the bioavailability of the drug causes ineffectiveness in lowering lipid profile of patients. In recent years, solid dispersion technology has proved to be a simple, effective and economical approach for industrial application to increase the solubility of these drugs. This review paper is an attempt to compile up various research as well as patents reports related to solid dispersions of poor water soluble antihyperlipidemic drugs.


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