• RAHUL KUMAR SINGH Department of Pharmaceutics, Rajiv Academy for Pharmacy, P. O. Chhatikara, Mathura 281001, Uttar Pradesh, India, Department of Pharmaceutics, Bhupal Nobel’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhupal Nobel’s University, Central Area, Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan, India
  • ANIRUDH SINGH DEORA Department of Pharmaceutics, Bhupal Nobel’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhupal Nobel’s University, Central Area, Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan, India



5-fluorouracil, β-cyclodextrin, Inclusion complex, Kneading method, Stability study


Objective: Current work aimed to enhance solubility and stability of 5-fluorouracil drugs by preparing inclusion complex with β-cyclodextrin.

Methods: In this study, inclusion complex preparation ratio selected on the basis of slope and Kc (binding constant) value in between 5-fluorouracil-β-cyclodextrin and best method out of the physical mixture, kneading method, and co-evaporation method for solubility and stability enhancement is selected on the basis of % yield, drug content, dissolution rate study and stability study.

Results: Based on the phase solubility graph, a 1:1 ratio was selected for complex formation by Kc value which decided a quite stable form of a complex. The characterization of all three types of inclusion complex was performed by DSC and SEM. It proved that different moiety of the complex was formed, but all are quite stable with negligible interaction. The kneading method as the best inclusion complex at ratio 1:1 was selected after evaluating by performing percent yield and drug content and dissolution rate study for solubility profile and physical appearance, drug content, and drug release study for stability profile.

Conclusion: We finally conclude that the Kc value proved that the inclusion complex is quite stable and ready to convert in any dosage form of choice. Inclusion complex formed by kneading method is one of the best options among all three techniques for solubility and stability enhancement of drug, which definitely help for a 5-fluorouracil drug to convert into a better dosage form to treat carcinoma.


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