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Asthma, Pulsatile drug delivery system (PDDS), Circadian rhythm, Chronotherapeutic


Asthma, as we all know, is a disease that shows a high tendency of chronic inflammation in the airways, which associates with airflow obstruction. Lung function seems to be decreased in the case of people suffering from asthma. On reviewing many studies from the past, clear statements come out which also revealed that asthma is based on established circadian rhythm. Asthma is considered to be one of the diseases which affects majorly common in adult women than in men; according to numerous studies, 42 percent of persons with active asthma claimed that their asthma started before they were 16 y old. The pulsatile drug delivery system, an innovation in pharmaceutical technology, is generating huge attention these days and is alleged to be the most productive in the treatment of asthma as per many studies. Many pulsatile delivery system components, such as the osmotic system, capsular system, and single and multiple-unit system, are utilized to diagnose and treat diseases caused by biological rhythm disturbances. Various emerging diseases such as cardiovascular, peptic ulcer, asthma, peptic ulcer, diabetes mellitus, cancer, and hypercholesterolemia have been examined by fluctuation in biological rhythms and treated by a pulsatile drug delivery system. During this era, the pulsatile drug delivery system delivers the medicine at the right time duration, in the right place, and the right proportion and the effectiveness of pulsatile drug delivery on asthma have indeed been investigated in this article.


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