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Women cover around half population of the country so they are half power of the country. That's need equal rights, facilities and opportunities to go ahead and contribute to the development of India. Women empowerment is very necessary to make the bright future of the family, society and country. In Indian society, there was a custom of female infanticide, child marriage, dowry system, domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment at work place, etc including other discriminatory practices. Women are so helpless in the Indian society where female as goddess are worshiped. The various schemes launched by the central and state government of India to empowerment of the women in India. The Government of India is implemented a number of programmes, for improving access to health, safety, protection, better education, employment etc. without much load on the parents. This work is focused about the schemes of government of Madhya Pradesh (MP) state, situated in the centre region of India. The necessary informations have been collected from the Internet using the various keywords related to the schemes.


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