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  • NETSANET TENA Department of Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, Debre Berhan University, Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.
  • GETACHEW AMARE Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, Debre Berhan University, Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.



Heat, disbudding, paclobutrazol, potato


Because of its importance in the human diet, potato growth and development have received considerable scientific attention, especially the regulation of tuber development. The trend of potato production has been toward greater acreage in warm climates using cultivars that were developed for production in cool climates. However, low land tropical regions are characterized by high temperatures that limit successful potato cultivation. High temperatures in potato promote haulm growth and suppress tuber production, whereas disbudding and paclobutrazol have the opposite effect, promoting tuber production and reducing the growth of the haulms by inhibiting GA biosynthesis which was increased by high temperature. In addition, the germplasm base for potato is large and assessments of germplasm performance under challenging conditions have revealed new possibilities.


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