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Pharmaceutical cocrystal, Cocrystallization, Solubility, Bioavailability


Water solubility and low bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients are some of the main challenges in the process of developing new drugs, especially drugs in oral solid dosage forms. One way to improve drug solubility is the principle of cocrystallization. Cocristallyzation itself is the process of combining the active ingredients of a less water-soluble drug with a coformer so that it becomes more soluble. Pharmaceutical cocrystal provides benefits to improve physicochemical properties without affecting its pharmacological properties. In this review, we have reviewed literature discussions and research that discuss co-crystallization as an aid to improve the physicochemical and bioavailability of drugs and also discuss some drugs in the form of cocrystal and their improvement in physicochemical-biopharmaceutical properties. The main references data used in this review are research journals published in the past 10 y (2010-2020) using keywords: cocrystal, physicochemistry, bioavailability, and solid dosage form, and using google scholar as a database. Discussion on the effect of cocrystal on physicochemical properties and bioavailability of drugs was produced. The method of producing cocrystal and its characterization was also discussed. Cocrystal offers a promising approach to improve the physicochemical properties of API. The benefits of cocrystal can be observed through increased solubility, dissolution rate, permeability, bioavailability, drug stability, and tabletability.


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