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Formulation, Optimization, Software, Design expert


Formulation is a crucial stage in drug development since it determines the best formula. The quality of the preparation is good and fulfills the standard parameters when using the best formula. This stage is completed through laboratory experiments that take a long time to complete. To address this, software utilizing computer technology, such as software Design Expert, can be used. The goal of this investigation is to see how Design Expert is used in research formulation and optimization. The method of writing a review was carried out by searching Google Scholar and Science Direct with the keywords "Formulation" and "Design Expert," yielding 63 articles, which were then screened using inclusion criteria, notably field of research on formulation optimization accepted for publication between 2011 and April 2020, and exclusion in the form of review articles. The review's findings suggest that the platform is widely utilized and effective at reducing the number of trials, time, and costs associated with formulation development.


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