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Gamma radiation, Gel, Aloe vera


Objective: This study aims to prepare sterile gel containing aloe vera (AV) powder and evaluate its physicochemical properties after sterilization by gamma radiation.

Methods: The gel was prepared using carbomer as stabilizer, and sterilized by gamma radiation. The physical stability was evaluated including organoleptic, pH, viscosity and sterilization. Furthermore, malic acid concentration was determined as a marker compound contained in the gel.

Results: The gel was successfully prepared containing 20% AV powder and 25% carbomer. The physical properties including organoleptic, pH and viscosity were not significantly changed after sterilization, and also stable even after 28 storage days. Meanwhile, malic acid concentration before and after sterilization were 47.2 mg/ml and 43.9 mg/ml, respectively. This showed the physicochemical properties were not significantly different after sterilization.

Conclusion: Gamma radiation is suitable to sterilize gel containing AV powder.


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