• Mosab Arafat College of Pharmacy, Al Ain University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Diltiazem hydrochloride, HPLC, Assay validation, Stability indicating method


Objectives: To develop and validate a high-performance liquid chromatographic method for determination of diltiazem hydrochloride (DLZ) in human plasma.

Methods: Mixture of n-hexane and 2-propanol (96:4, ratio) was added to plasma at sample preparation time followed by centrifuging the samples. The obtained upper organic layer was transferred and evaporated to dryness. The residue was reconstituted with a mobile phase and the supernatant was then injected onto the column. The mobile phase used was consisted of 0.2 M ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, acetonitrile, isopropyl alcohol and triethylamine (55:43:1.7:0.3, v/v) with pH adjusted to 4.5 using 85% phosphoric acid. The flow rate was 0.7 ml/min. UV detector set at 240 nm and samples were quantified using peak area.

Results: A well-resolved DLZ peak and free of interference from endogenous compounds in plasma with a retention time of 6.03 min was achieved. Recovery of DLZ was satisfactory (‰¥ 91.3%) over the concentration range tested 0.25 - 20 µg/ml. LOD of this assay was 0.125 µg/ml and LOQ was 0.25 µg/ml and, at this concentration, intra- and inter-day CV were 6.8 and 9.2 %, respectively. DLZ was found to be stable in plasma after storage at -80 ºC, over 90 days.

Conclusion: The HPLC method described in this article was simple, sensitive, selective, reproducible, linear, precise, accurate, stability indicating and requires only a small sample volume, lending it suitable for the determination of DLZ concentration in routine measurements for pharmacokinetic/bioavailability studies.


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