• Aishwarya S Saveetha university
  • Sohara Parveen
  • Vishnupriya V
  • Gayathri R



Objective: Estimation of serum zinc and copper levels in anemic patients.

Methods: The study design included 30 subjects presenting to clinical laboratory, global hospitals. The subjects were divided into 2 groups. The
Group 1 consists of 15 healthy individuals and Group 2 consists of 15 anemic patients.

Results: The serum copper and zinc levels were evaluated in anemic patients. The serum copper and zinc were found to be significantly lower in  anemic patients when compared with normal individuals.

Conclusion: Thus, the study concludes that the serum zinc and copper in anemic patients is significantly less when compared to the control individuals.
Hence, it is important to add adequate amount of zinc and copper rich food in their diet to control the prevalence of anemia.

Keywords: Anemia, Zinc, Copper, Hemoglobin.


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