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Ocular barriers, Novel delivery, Nanowafers, Cubosomes, Microneedles, Cell therapy, Implants


Conveying the therapeutic agent to the human eye has been a struggling task for formulators and scientists because of the complicated arrangement of the eye. The therapeutic agents needed to deliver the drugs to specific sites of the eye require the crossing of various ocular barriers, which act as hitches for drug delivery. Conventional preparations present in the market do not achieve the desired therapeutic results due to their lower bioavailability, less retention time, or difficulty in reaching the site of action. In a need to overcome the challenges with these preparations, various modern technologies are being applied to address the same with outstanding results. The purpose of the present review is to focus on several innovative approaches, viz., the development of novel ocular drug delivery systems including liposomes, niosomes, nano-wafers, cubosomes, microneedles, dendrimers, and many others, adopted to combat various ocular diseases. In the present review, various novel formulations and drug delivery approaches have been taken into consideration, as developed, and reported by various scientists and researchers working in the field of ocular drug delivery systems.


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